The Aircraft, Historic Aircraft Museum
Other Aircraft As well as the main collection of aircraft the museum also had a number of other airframes in its charge. These aircraft were either never displayed/on show for short time only/were airworthy and wintered at the museum/stored in a dismantled state/were on loan/offered but not taken. 1. Avro Anson 11 NL229/G-ALIH 2. Avro Anson C19 TX211/G-AVHU 3. De Haviland DH89a Dragon rapide NR749/G-AIUL 4. De Haviland DH89a Dragon Rapide G-AKGD 5. De Haviland Vampire T.11 XD527 6. English Electric Lightning F.1 XG325 7. Fairchild Argos FK338/G-AJOZ 8. Gadfly HDW 1 G-AVKE 9. Hawker Seafury FB11 WJ244/G-FURY 10. Hawker Typhoon 1B EJ922 11. Mignet HM293 G-AXPG 12. Miles Hawk Speed Six G-ADGP 13. Miles Gemini G-AKGD 14. Miles Messenger G-AJKT 15. Percival Prentice 1 VR259/G-APJB 16. Percival Proctor 4 NP339/G-AOBW 17. Pilatus P.2-05 G-BONE 18. Pou De Cel HM219 19. Snacan Stample SV-4B F-BDCC/G-AWIW 20. Supermarine Swift FR4 WK275 21. Vickers Viking 2 VL246/G-APOP 22. Westland Dragonfly HR.3 WG670 1. AVRO ANSON C.19 TX211/G-AVHU R.A.F Acquired by the museum in 1967 vandalised prior to erection of the main building Scrapped in 1972 2. DE HAVILAND DH89a DRAGON RAPIDE NR749/G-AIUL Kemble 2, RS British Westpoint S-H-A-M A.F. Ward I Jones Dragon Aviation, Chirk, Clwyd, Wales 2006 3. DE HAVILLAND DH89a DRAGON RAPIDE G-AKGD Henley Cranfield Busley Sussex Southend with "Dizzie" Addicot Damaged on site Donated to S-H-A-M Miles Aircraft Museum, Berkshire 4. DE HAVILAND DH115 VAMPIRE T.11 XD527 R.A.F A.T.E.L (Southend) S-H-A-M Manston Fire Dump, Kent. Reduced to pod only March 1986 Burnt out and scrapped November 1987 5. ENGLISH ELECTRIC LIGHTNING F.1 XG325 Wattisham Foulness A&AEE Rayleigh 1476sqn ATC (cockpit only) S-H-A-M Southend Airport Southend 1312sqn ATC Rayleigh 1476sqn ATC 6. FAIRCHILD ARGOS FK338/G-AJOZ ATA 2 FP Kemble Sywell S-H-A-M Wigan Market Drayton Wigan Tattershall Lincolnshire Aircraft Preservation Society, East Kirkby Thorpe Camp Preservation Group, Woodhall Spa Yorkshire Air Museum, Elvington, North Yorkshire 7. GADFLY HDW1 G-AVKE Gadfly Aviation Ltd Southend Thruxton The Helicopter Museum, Weston Super Mare 8. HAWKER SEAFURY FB11 WJ244/G-FURY FAA Malcolm D. N Fisher Historic Aircraft Preservation Society Biggin Hill 1966/1971 S-H-A-M (dismantled) 1971/72 Spencer Flack, Elstree 5th July 1978/81 Crashed & destroyed nr RAF Waddington 2nd August 1981 Parts to Charleston Aircraft Services Colchester, Essex 9. HAWKER TYPHOON 1B EJ922 Hawker R.A.F Weybridge Brooklands Sevenoaks Biggin Hill Brownhills (Cockpit only) S-H-A-M Brooklands R-A-F Manston History Museum, Kent Peter Smith, Hawkinge, Kent 10. MILES HAWK SPEED SIX G-ADGP Tony Osborne S-H-A-M Hamble Florida Shuttleworth Collection, Old Warden. Bedfordshire White Waltham, Buckinghamshire. Airworthy 11. MILES GEMINI G-AKGD Henley Cranfield S-H-A-M 1967, before the building of the main building it was attached by vandals and put into storage Sussex Bushey Miles Aircraft Collection, Woodley Berkshire (cockpit only) Parts to Hooton Park 12. PERCIVAL PRENTICE 1 VR259/G-APJB 1 ASS 2 ASS R-A-F-C S-H-A-M Aircraft radio & Percival Collection, Coventry Airport, Warwickshire Air Atlantique Historic Flight, Coventry Airport, Warwickshire. Airworthy 13. PERCIVAL PROCTOR C.4 NP339/G-AOBW R.A.F S-H-A-M donated wings to Proctor NP303/G-ANZJ 15. PILATUS P.2-05 G-BONE Swiss AF U-142 U-113 Private Owner S-H-A-M (on loan) P.S. Watts Cheltenham, Gloucestershire (general area) Texas USA restoration to fly as N5241M (reported) 14. PILATUS P.2-05 G-BONE Swiss AF U-142 U-113 Private Owner S-H-A-M (on loan) P.S. Watts Cheltenham, Gloucestershire (general area) Texas USA restoration to fly as N5241M (reported) 15. VICKERS VIKING 2 VL246/G-APOP R.A.F Kings Flight Southend Airport Jack Jones Fuselage offered to S-H-A-M for preservation BKS offered a set of wings but a lack of space means they are refused and scrapped 16. WESTLANDS DRAGONFLY HR.3 WG670 R.A.F S-H-A-M the aircraft was damaged in a hut fire in 1972 Remains scrapped 1977
1. AVRO ANSON 19 srs2 G-AGPG Avro, Woodford 6-8-45 EKCO (Radar test Bed) 10-67 Pye Telecommunications 4-69 Retired to S-H-A-M 1972/10-5-83 Phillippe Denis 10-5-83 (remained on museum site) Brenzett Air Museum, Kent 4-86 Avro heritage Society, Manchester 1995 Hooton Park Trust, Hooton Park, Cheshire 2006 2. AVRO LINCOLN B.2 G-APRJ/RF342 RAF D Napier & Sons LTD Luton 12-58 Collage of Aeronautics, Cranfield 11-62/9-5-67 Southend Airport stored flew in 9-5-67 S-H-A-M 72-83 Doug Arnold, Warbirds of Great Britain, Blackbushe, Hampshire 10-5-83/10-9-86 Aces High, North Weald, Essex 10-9-86/6-12-88 Charles Church, Manchester 10-9-88/8-90 Doug Arnold, Warbirds of Great Britain, Biggin Hill 8-90/15-2-91 Aces High, North Weald, Essex 15-2-91/- Stored dismantled outside 95 Imperial Aviation Group, North Coates, Lincolnshire 15-1-98 Imperial Aviation Group, Sandtoft, Lincolnshire 10-99/- Marthham, Norfolk, (nose section, cockpit) 2-06/- Armthorpe, South Yorkshire (Wings, Fuselage, Tail section) Australian Aircraft Restoration Group, Moorabbin, Australia 3. BLACKBURN BEVERLEY C.1 XB261 Borough 5-7-55 A & AEE Boscombe Down S-H-A-M (flew in) 8-10-71/10-5-83 Ian Huddlestone (Moat House Hotel) 10-5-83/7-4-89 Scrapped 7-4-89 Cockpit to Duxford Aviation Society To Newark Aircraft museum June 2004 4. CASA 2.111 G-AWHB/J-PR Spanish A.F (B2-157) 3-12-51/67 T.G Hamish Mahddie Tablada, Spain 67 Hamish Mahaddie Spitfire Productions Ltd 21-5-69/69 Duxford, Cambridgeshire (for movie Battle of Britain) West Malling, Kent (stored) 70/72 S-H-A-M 3-72/10-5-83 Paul Raymond, Crucifix Lane, London bridge 10-5-83/5-6-85 Kermit Weeks, Tamiami Florida 5-6-85 (not delivered stored Royston Harts 85/87) Used in TV series Piece of Cake in crash scene Aces High North Weald (restoration) 88/02 Sold to Flying Heritage Collection, Washington, USA Stored Martham, Norfolk 2002/- 5. DE HAVILLAND DH84 DRAGON 1 G-ACIT Stag Lane 7-33 Highland Airways “Aberdeen” 7-33 Scottish Airways “Orcadian” 6-38 Associated Airways Joint Committee 6-40 BEA 2-47 Air Navigation & Trading Limited, Blackpool 11-52 Beagle Aircraft Limited, Rearsby 3-62 S-H-A-M 6-71/10-5-83 Science Museum, Wroughton 10-5-83/- 6. DE HAVILLAND DH115 VAMPIRE T.11 XK625 7 FTS 8 FTS Firbeck Woodford S-H-A-M North Weald, Essex Brenzett, Kent 7. DE HAVILLAND AUSRALIA 3 DROVER G-APXX/VH-FDT Royal Flying Doctors Service, Australia S-H-A-M Doug Arnold, Blackbushe Second World War Aircraft Preservation Society, Lasham 8. FAIRCHILD PT26 CORNELL2 N9606H U.S.A S-H-A-M Andrewsfield, Essex Rebel Air Museum, Earls Colne, Essex Matham, Norfolk 1997 9.FIAT G-46:4 MM53211/BAPC 79 Italian AF R.A.F Northolt (derived inside an Italian AF C-119) 1970 S-H-A-M 1971/1983 Jeff Hawke Visionair, Coventry 10-5-83/84 Patrick Luscome, British Air Reserve, Lympne 84-91 Aircraft restoration Company, Duxford 91-94 Sold to French Collector 94/- Private UK collector 10. FLESLER FI 156 TROOP STORCH C3 D-EKMU German Luftwaffe S-H-A-M Paul Raymond 83/? Preserved at Weeks Air Museum, Florida, USA 11. GLOSTOR JAVELIN FAW 9 XH768/7929M R.A.F S-H-A-M Air Classic 10-5-83 Monchengladbach, Germany GERMANY 83-84 Ikerusflug Museum, Marl Germany 85-88 Italy 12. GLOSTOR METEOR T.7 VZ638/G-JETM C.A.W R.A.F.C 237 OCU 501 Biggin Hill SF FCCS 85 SQN 54 SQN 25 SQN 500 SQN Kemble S-H-A-M 12-1-72/10-5-83 Brencham Historic Aircraft Limited 10-5-83/1-10-87 Aces High, Notrh Waeld, Essex 1-10-87/89 Peter Valance, Gatwick Aviation Museum, Charlwood, Surrey 89/- 13. HAWKER SEA FURY FB.11 WJ288/G-SALY/N155 F.A.A R.N.A.S Lossimouth store 9-5-61/12-3-63 Hawker Siddeley Aircraft Limited, Dunsfold 12-3-63/2-9-66 Malcom D N Fisher, Historic Aircraft preservation Ltd, Biggin Hill, Kent 2-9-66/6-5-67 S-H-A-M 6-5-67/12-7-83 Patrick Luscombe, British Air Reserve 12-7-83/88 Warbirds of Great Britian, Biggin Hill Kent, 88/89 Exported to Chino, California, USA 90 Edwin Stanley, Portland Origan 6-91/10-92 Maria Stanley 10-92 (FLY’S AS N155) David W. Peeler, Memphis, TN, Dec. 28, 1993-2002 14. HAWKER SEA HAWK FGA 6 XE489/G-JETH Built at Coventry Taken on charge at Abbotsinch 10-1-56 Based in the Med unknown unit Halfar 1-57/7-58 Lossiemouth Med 22-1-59/12-3-59 Brawdy 7-59 Abbotsintch 1-60 Fleetlands 7-60 Abbotsinch 1-61 Fleet Requments Unit, Hurn 17-6-91 became ‘026’ Sydenham, overhaul 3-9 63/11-1063 Flown into Southend, Essex 20-5-67 Sold at Auction 12-7-83 Brencham Ltd, for civilianization but not completed displayed 10-5-83/1-10-87 Peter Valance, Gatwick Aviation Museum, Charlwood, Surry 1-10-87/- 15. HAWKER SKEETER AOP12 XL811 17F 652 SQN 651 SQN S-H-A-M Stoke-on-Trent Warmington International Helicopter Museum, Weston-super-Mare 16. HUNTING PROVOST T.1 WV483/7693M R.A.F S-H-A-M Doug Arnold USA 17. LUTON LA4 MINOR G-AXKH S-H-A-M M.E.Vaisey 18. MESSERCHMITT BF109 S-H-A-M (replica) Kent Battle of Britain Museum 19. NORTH AMERICAN HARVARD AT16 MK2B LN-BNM/FE905 R.A.F (FE905) R.D.A.F (329) Fjellfly S Kjetilson, Skien 5.11.61(CofA 31-12-68 C 29-1-73) S-H-A-M 72/83 London Bridge War Museum 7.83 R.A.F Museum 92/- (on loan to Newark Air Museum) 20. NORTH American MITCHELL 3 N90892/HD368 U.S.A.F (44-30861) Aero American Corporation, Cincinnati, Ohio 61/63 (to UK for “633 SQN as N908) Abandoned Biggin Jill 64/66 Historical Aircraft Preservation Society 66/67 S-H-A-M (by road) 7-67/10-5-83 displayed as HD368/VO-A) Visionair Aces High, Duxford, Cambridgeshire10-87/89 Noth Waeld (co: aces high) Wycombe Air Park, Buckinghamshire, Feb 06 21. PERCIVAL PROCTOR C.4 G-ANZJ/NP303 R.A.F S-H-A-M Pail Raymond A Hillyard 22. PIAGGIO P.166 G-APPY Marconi S-H-A-M Science Museum, Wroughton 23. POU-DE-CEL HM14 FLYING FLEA G-ADXS Displayed un a Stories Garage Sothend-on-Sea, Essex S-H-A-M Andrewsfield, Essex Staverton Thamesside Aviation Museum, Essex Shoreham PFA Cambridge, Cambridgeshire 24. REPUBLIC F4U THUNDERSTREAK 52-7133 U.S.A.F Belgian AF S-H-A-M Rochester Cosford Aircraft Museum 25. ROE TRIPLANE B.A.P.C 6 Built Woodford for airshow use 1953 The Shuttleworth Trust “Those Magnificent Young Men in there flying machines” Northern Aircraft Preservation Society 1969 S-H-A-M 1971/77 Manchester Town Hall S-H-A-M London store 82 (Damaged in Transit) Basic Repairs Manchester Air and Space Museum Restored 91 The Air plane Collection, Manchester 26. SAAB J29f 29640 Royal Swedish AF S-H-A-M Midland Air Museum 27. SHORT SCION G-AEZF Built 1937 Sierria Leone Barton-in-the-Clay, No24 Elementary Flying Training School 1941 Demobbed, Sealand 1945 Exeter Southend Disused Redhill Southend June 1959 restoration, abandoned placed in open store S-H-A-M very poor condition Southend Historic Aircraft Society Thameside Aviation Museum ( S-H-A-S) Redhill Aerodrome, Surry (S-H-A-S) 28. SUPERMARINE SPITFIRE MK9 TB863/G-CDAN/ZK-XVI R.A.F Metro-Goldwyn Meyer, Pinewood Studio’s 55/68 (Reach for the Sky 1955) Stored by M-G-M 56/57 Dismantled for spares, Henlow M-G-M 68 Bought by A.W. Francis and housed under restoration in museum12-68/77 J-Parkes & A.W Francis, Booker 3-11-82 The Fighter Collectio9n, Duxford, Cambridgeshire 84/88 first post restoration flight 14-9-88 Tim Wallis, Wanaka, New Zealand 13-10-88 First Flight 25-1-89 Crash-landed 29-1-89 150 miles North of Wellington, undercarriage wings propeller damaged Restored 7-4-1990 Accident RNZAF Woodbourne on 18-11-1992 swing landing on wet grass and the undercarriage collapsed after striking a taxiway Restored 1994 Sold to collector Temora, Australia 29. VICKERS VISCOUNT 812 G-AVHE Channel Airways 69-72 S-H-A-M Forward Fuselage 72/83 Air Classic, Germany Albertros Flug Museum, Germany 30. WESTLANNDS DRAGONFLY HR5 WG725 R.A.F R.A.E 912-CU Middle Wallop Odiham Colerne Weeton S-H-A-M Flambirds Theme Park, Cornwall 31. WESTLANDS AH.1 SCOUT XP165 Yeovilton R.A.E; S-H-A-M International helicopter Museum, Weston Super Mare 32. WESTLANDS WIDGEON 2 G-ANLW/MD497 Staughton Tattershall Thorpe Southend Airport (Helicopter Hire) S-H-A-M Blackpool Northampton Aerodrome Norfolk & Suffolk aviation museum, Flixton, Suffolk The museum also had the launch track of a Flesler FI103 (V1 FLYING BOMB) this was owned by the Historic Aircraft society, which was the group that ran the museum the track was sent to the London War Museum.

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