Roy Dilley
Roy Dilley is a lifelong enthusiast of film entertainment, and also has a great interest in cinema buildings and their architecture. In the past he has given many illustrated talks on Southend’s cinema history and had exhibitions in local museums and cinema foyers. Listed below are his book and DVD titles:
In Search of the Bioscope DVD. A visit to many towns in search of the early Bioscope cinema buildings. How many of these buildings remain in one form or another?. We return to the early days of cinema, to discover how mans quest for modernisation and the ravages of time have affected these picture palaces, erected in silent film era. Originally produced on 8mm film, later transferred to DVD. Date: 1978 Running Time: 13 mins DVD: Available in stock
Pavilion of Dreams DVD. Filmed at the Pavilion cinema, Chelmsford in 1980. A behind the scenes look at a conventional cinema projection box of that period. Twin Kalee 19 projectors, 2000 ft film spools, twenty minute changeovers between projectors and valve audio amplification. A look at the past days of suburban cinema projection work. Manual presentation as it used to be done!. Originally produced on 8mm film, later transferred to DVD. Date: 1980 Running Time: 8 mins DVD: Available in stock
From Peepshow to Panavision DVD. The history of the Southend area cinemas from 1898, through to the years of the super cinemas and the modern multiplexes. Originally made in 1977 on 8mm film, then later updated in 1995 and transferred to VHS, and finally to DVD format. The film covers thirty one buildings which presented cinema entertainment, in an area from Shoeburyness to Canvey Island. Running Time: 26 mins Date: 1977 DVD: Available in stock
The Dream Palaces of Southend. Small book briefly covering the history of the Southend area cinema buildings from Shoeburyness to Rayleigh. Well illustrated with photographs. Date: 1983 Publication: Out of print
Southend’s Palaces of the Silver Screen. Covering the history of the Southend area cinemas, from Shoeburyness, east of the town centre to Canvey Island a short distance to the west. Thirty one cinemas are extensively detailed and photographically illustrated, during a time span of 1898 to 2011. Included is a map of the sites of the buildings, and personal memories of both staff and patrons of these picture houses. Date: 2011 Publication: Out of print
Palace of the Stars DVD. The history of the Palace Theatre in Westcliff, from the opening of the theatre in 1912, through to 2015. Includes a grand tour of the interior and a look behind the scenes of this magnificent building. Also included is a visit to the archive and the preparation of the auditorium for film presentations. Roy Dilley/Dave Fox Production. Date: 2015 Running Time: 20 mins DVD: Available in stock
Roy Dilley’s DVDs are available direct from Roy

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