Barge Pier

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Very little is known about the Barge Pier or Barrack Pier as it was also known, it was built in 1909 to a length of around 380ft, the pier head is 84ft wide tapering out to a maximum width of 98ft, this then reduces over a length of 102ft to a 27ft wide neck of about 278ft in length, it was served by a dual 5ft gauge railway. The Pier located within what was until not too long ago the strictly off limits MoD “Old Ranges” Shoebury Barracks site. An interesting rumour about the pier was that it was used to off load the UK’s first Atomic Bomb to the AWE site in June 1952. The site is dotted with many interesting military emplacements some dating back over 100 years, Along the side of the Barge Pier is the decaying remains of Gogs Berth. Two barges were operated from Gogs Berth these were the “Gog” and “Magog.” One of the jobs for the barges and berth was to carry the 21 ton Woolwich Infant Cannons down the Thames from Woolwich Arsenal for testing at Shoeburyness. PLEASE NOTE: There is NO public admittance on to the Barge Pier, it is privately owned.
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