Made in Southend
Southend has been home to many business over the years from making televisions to toilet brushes. Below is a list of some of the companies that have manufactured in the town. A. G. Maidment (Watch Maker) Elm Rd Leigh. Able Electric Ltd (Electronic Component Mfrs), 8 Rose Way Purdy’s Ind Est. Ace Neon Signs Ltd, 7 Towerfield Estate Shoebury. Adams J. Ltd (Blouse Mfrs), 59 Queens Rd. Airbourne Industries (Parachutes, Barrage balloons, Inflatable life boats, also seating), Arterial Road. Aladdin Components (Plastic Mouldings Mfrs), 16 Brunel Rd. Albon Engineering, Roche Hall Way, Rochford. Alpine Tools Ltd (Tool Makers), Swaines Ind Est Ashingdon. Amstrad, 70 Progress Rd, Eastwood, Later moved to Shoebury. Angel, H. A. (Clothing Mfr), 152 Station Rd Westcliff. Anthony’s (Watch Maker), 139A Leigh Rd Leigh. Argo Electronic Components Ltd (Mfrs), 28b Hamlet Crt Rd Westcliff. Artiflora (Artificial Flower Mfrs), 12a Ashburnham Rd. Ascot Aerated Waters Ltd (Mineral Waters Mfrs), Southview Drive Westcliff. Atlanta Engineering Co, Stock Rd. Avery, W.& T. Ltd (Scale & Weight Makers), 52 Queens Rd. B. & G. Fashions (Leigh-on-Sea) Ltd (Clothing Mfrs), 12 Terminal Close. B. & G. Fashions Ltd (Clothing Mfrs), Rear of 155 Southsea Ave. B. & W. Fashions & Co (Clothing Mfr), 876 London Rd. B. E. F. Plastics Ltd (Plastic Goods Mfrs), 8 Madeira Ave Leigh. B. E. Mason (Joinery Mfr), 17-19 Wesley Rd. B. Mazzone (Ice Cream Mfr), 14 Milton St. B. R. Peacock (Plaster Cast Figure Makers), Rear of 797 Southchurch Rd. Barwick Ltd (Toy Mfrs), Leigh Road, Leigh. Baum L. (Furriers Mfr and Repairs), 193 195 197 199 London Rd. Beckerman’s (Picture Frame Makers), 521-523 London Rd Westcliff. Bee Bee Blouse Co (Blouse Mfrs), 368-370 Station Rd Westcliff. Benson Lund, Aviation Way. Bernard Flitman Ltd (Clothing Mfr), 15-21 Market Pl. Betterware Products Ltd (Brush Mfrs), 102 High St. Bignell, E. (Lampshade Mfr), 256 London Rd. Bond, V. C. & Sons (Cabinet Maker), 40 Progress Rd Eastwood. Borough Polishing & Plating Co Ltd (Electro Platers), 181 North Rd....Progress Rd. Bowman Bros & Seaford (Leigh) Ltd (Clothing Mfr), 969-973 London Rd Leigh. Brightwell Box Co Ltd (Cabinet Makers), 1 & 42 Grainger Rd Ind Est. Brookside Engineering, Fairfax Drive, Southend. Brunker, Leslie H. (Jewellery Mfrs), 305 London Rd Westcliff. Buck & Keeling (Blind Makers), 15 Napier Ave. Buckingham, D. L. (Gown Mfrs), 206 Leigh Rd Leigh. Byford’s Block & Stone Company (Pre Cast Concrete Building Unit Mfrs), Office 2 Napier Ave Works Claydons Lane Rayleigh. C. F. Marshall & Son Ltd (Toilet Brush Mfrs), Hazelwood Works & Essex Works Prince Ave. C. F. Marshall & Son Ltd (Toilet Brush Mfrs), Hazelwood Works & Glenleigh Works Arterial Rd. Cal-Pic Ltd (Cardboard Box & Container Mfrs), 176 Fairmead Ave. Caplin, S. B. & Co Ltd (Neck tie Mfrs), 118-120 Westborough Rd Westcliff. Carters Of Hornchurch Ltd (Food Product Mfr & Packers), 12 Rose Way Purdy’s Ind Est. Cathodeon Cathode Ray Tubes, Bircham Rd. Challenge Adhesives Ltd, 19 Coleman St. Clacton Moulders (Plastic Mouldings Mfrs), 3 Towerfield Cl Towerfield Rd. Clarke K. W. (Foam) Ltd (Fancy Goods Mfrs), 70 Southchurch Ave & 527 Southchurch Rd. Cleanline Fabrications (Grays) Ltd (Trailer Mfrs), Priory Works Ind Est. Copeland, D. O. (Clothing Mfr), 212-216 Westborough Rd Westcliff. Cornish, E. Ltd (Brick Mfrs), Bell House Brick Works 303 Rayleigh Rd Eastwood. Corona Soft Drinks, (Mineral Water Mfrs), Corona Works Vale Ave. Courté Fashions Ltd (Clothing Mfr), 22a-22b Milton Rd Westcliff. Courté Fashions Ltd (Clothing Mfr), 25-27 Queens Rd. Cousins J. A. & Co Ltd (Blouse Mfrs), 663 London Rd Westcliff. Coverdale & Co Ltd (Jewellery Mfrs), 8 Towerfield Rd Shoebury. Cowling & White Ltd (Architectural & Traditional Joinery Mfrs), 25 Station Rd Thorpe Bay. Creator Plan Ltd (Clothing Mfr), 116a-118a Elm Rd Leigh. Cregor Clothing Co (Clothing Mfr), 11 Nelson Drive Leigh. Cumberland Ventilation Co Ltd (Aluminium Sliding Doors & Windows Mfrs), 2a Dryden Ave. D. T. S. Optical Co (Optician Mfrs), Rear Of 14 Cliff Town Rd. Davis, L. A. & D. M. (Blouse Mftrs), Avenue Works Southchurch Ave. Daylin (Menswear) Ltd (Shirt Makers), Prince Ave. Designcast Ltd (Imitation Jewellery Mfrs), 235 Westborough Rd Westcliff. Diamond Accumulator Co Ltd, The Chase, Bournemouth Park Rd. Diggs (Direct Mineral Water Supply)(Mineral Water Mfrs), 96 Glendale Gdns Leigh. Dixon’s Ltd (Surgical Instrument Makers), 96 Glendale Gdns Leigh. Donatis (Leather Clothing Mfrs), 42-46 Pembury Rd Westcliff. Dorkin Sportswear (Sportswear Mfrs), 78 Queen’s Rd. Dossetts & Sons (Bakers), Broadway, Leigh. Elm Road, London Road, Southchurch Road. Dunn & Co (Hat Makers), High st, Southend. Durant, J. (Novelty Hat Mfrs), 217a North Rd Westcliff. E. G. King & Son (Boat Builders), 6 Western Esplanade, Southend. E. R. S. (Hifi Sound Equipment Mfrs), 807 London Rd Westcliff. Eastwood Moulding (Picture Frame Makers), Park Pl Park St. Ekco Electronics Ltd (E. K. Cole), Ekco Works Priory Crescent, Southend. Works Sweyne Ind Est Ashingdon. Ekco Plastics Ltd (Plastic Products Mfrs), Ekco Works Priory Crescent, Southend. Elam W. & Son (Blind Maker), 5 Weston Rd Works 50 Queens Rd. Electrothermal Engineering, Sutton Road Southend. Elgor Separates Ltd (Blouse Mftrs), 937 London Rd, Leigh. Elvin Pennants (Flag & Banner Maker), 68 Southchurch Ave SS1 7RR. English Corrugated Paper Co Ltd (Fibre Board Case Mfrs), Warrior Buildings West Warrior Sq. Erith & Co Ltd (Brick Makers), 1701-1703 London Rd Leigh. Essex Blouse Co Ltd (Blouse Mfrs), 188 West Rd Westcliff. Essex Chair Frames Ltd, (Chair Mfrs), 275 Victoria Ave. Essex Model & Hobbies (Model Makers), 620 London Rd Westcliff. Fairfax Traders Ltd (Tobacco Pipe Mfrs), Leighcliff Bldg Leighcliff Rd Leigh. Fiboglasit Ltd (Glass Fibre Products Mfrs), 123 Southend Rd Rochford. Finer Fashions (Gown Mfrs), 57a Brightwell Ave Westcliff. Fitba Plastics Ltd (Plastic Mouldings Mfrs), Burdett Rd. Flaherty, W. F. Ltd (Shirt Makers), 250 North Ave. Fletcher Mayfield & Co Ltd (Furniture Mfrs), Arterial Rd Eastwood. Foresight Canning Co Ltd (Canned Food Mfrs), 714 London Rd, Leigh. Fosbery & Co Ltd (Down Quilt Mfrs), 59 Queens Rd. Frith & Co, W. G. (Tinfoil Mfrs), Kenway, Southend. Garons (Bakery) Gem Eiderdown Manufacturing Co Ltd, 100- 102 Hamlet Crt Rd Westcliff. Gem Eiderdown Manufacturing Co Ltd, 172 London Rd. George & Sons Ltd (Sweet Factory), 169- 171 North Road, Westcliff. Gerhardy Bros (Electro Platers), London Road. Gillians, Ernest, (Basket Maker), 153 North Cres. Goodfit Shoe Co Ltd (Boot Makers), Hamlet Crt Road. Gordon Plastics (Plastic Mouldings Mfrs), Elm Rd. Gordon, M. (Clothing Mfr), 632-634 London Rd Westcliff. Gosidern Manufacturing Co Ltd (Blouse Mftrs), 286-288 Station Rd Westcliff. Great Wakering Brick Co Ltd (Brick Makers), 11 12 & 14 Weston Chambers Weston Rd & The Common Gt Wakering. Grosvenor Confectionery Co Ltd (Lettered Rock Mfrs), Pleasant Rd. Guinea Gowns (Gown Mfrs), Westborough Rd. H. & D. M. Ballard (Boot Makers), 225-227 London Rd Westcliff. H. E. Ford (Blacksmiths), 603 Rayleigh Rd Eastwood. H. Hall Clifford (Portable Building Mfrs), 1387 London Road. H. Hansen (Brush Mfrs), 1721 London Rd. H. Skeels Ltd (Leaded Lights Mfrs), London Rd Leigh. H. W. Allington (Electro Platers), West Rd Southend. Harringtons Mineral Water Co Ltd, 103 & 105 London Rd, Southend. Harrison’s (Potato Crisp Mfrs), Seaforth Grove. Hart, J. E. (Optician Mfrs), 11 Westcliff Drive Leigh. Harward Nicholson Controls Ltd (Control Systems Mfrs), Swains Ind Estate Ashingdon. Heal J. B. (Breeze & Block Mfrs), Briar Concrete Works Arterial Rd Eastwood. Herve, H. (Precision Engineering Company) Progress Road, Eastwood, Leigh-on-Sea. Henry Walter Head (Boot Maker), 33 Old Southend Rd. Hillson’s & Co Ltd (Surgical Instrument Makers), St Marys Works 297 Victoria Ave. Hilton & Sons Ltd (Boot Makers), 102 High St Southend & 139 Hamlet Crt Rd Westcliff. Howards Dairies, Reg Office 265 London Rd. Hubert Bacon (Blacksmiths), 53 North St Rochford. Hutcheson J. (Breeze Block Mfrs Cast Crazy Paving & Ornaments Mfr), Station Ave Ardmore St & Benet’s Rd.. I.T. Repairs (Southend) Ltd (Invalid Carriage Makers), 8-9 Grainger Rd Ind Est Grainger Rd. Industrial Stoving, Towerfield Road Shoebury. Industrial Transducers Ltd (Electronic Mfrs), 28 Redstock Rd. Inter-Pet Electrical Ltd (Electrical Accessories Mfrs), Unit 2 Priory Works Ind Est. Ipeco, Aviation Way J. H. Jacks Ltd (Shirt Makers), Seaforth Gro. J. H. Reynolds (Fireplace Mfrs) 39 & 41 West Rd Westcliff. J. Hughes Wesley & Co (Boot Makers), 95 Sutton Rd. J. Lambert (Boot Maker), 19 Broadway, Leigh. J. Lyons & Co Ltd (Bakery), Gossett Ave, Prittlewell. J. S. B. Ductwork & Co Ltd (Ductwork Mfrs), 7 Rose Way Purdey’s Ind Est. J. W. Higgs & Son (Furriers), 368 London Rd. Jackson Bros (Boat Builders), 72 High St Leigh. James & Son Ltd (Bakers), 2, 6, 8 & 29 Clarence St, 49 High St, shops in Westcliff & Leigh. James Hellenbrand (Cinema Chair Maker), 72a Bournemouth Park Rd. James K. E. & E. E. (Boat Builders), Rear of 612 London Rd Westcliff. Jennings Shoe Stores (Boot Makers), 6 Address around Leigh Westcliff. John Gibbard Ltd (Boot Makers), High Street, Southend. John Hackney (Boot Maker), Broadway, Leigh. John Killick (Boot Maker), 1082 London Rd. Johnson & Jago (Boat Builders), Leigh Marshes. Joycraft (Boat Builders), 65-66 Eastern Esplanade. Juno Plating (Chrome Platers), Stock Rd. Juno Plating (Special Purpose Machinery Mfrs), Stock Rd. K. & N. Fashions (Blouse Mftrs), 368-372 Station Rd Westcliff. K. D. Search (Saw Makers), 138 Southchurch Ave & 25 Faraday Rd Leigh. K. R. Plastics Ltd, (Moulders) Oakhurst Rd. Karslake M. H. (Model Makers), 419 Rayleigh Rd Eastwood. Kelpa Laboratories (Chemical Compound Mfrs) 53 Hildaville Dr. Kendon (Cabinet Makers), Priory Works 285 Sutton Rd Stadium Ind Est Grainger Rd & works Bentalls Clo. Kerring Packaging & Trading Co Ltd (Cardboard Box & Container Mfrs), The Corona Leigh Rd Leigh. Key Components Ltd (Electrical Component Mfrs), 24 Towerfield Rd Shoebury. King & Son (Boat Builders), Shorefield Rd Westcliff. King E . G. (Boat Builder), 47 Ashburnham Rd. Kleen-e-ze Brush Co Ltd, 36 Southchurch Rd. Lanegan Precision Engineering, Swains Ind Estate Rochford, moved to Temple Farm Ind Estate. Lead-Acid (Services) Ltd (Battery Accumulator Services), Electra House Electric Ave Westcliff. Ledicotts (Soft Drinks), 327 Southchurch Road. Lee Barry Fashions (Clothing Mfr), 16a Grainger Road Ind Estate. Lee Dresses (Southend-on-Sea)(Gown Mfrs), 204a Leigh Rd Leigh. Leigh Allen (Clothing Mfr), 120 Elm Rd Leigh. Leigh Basket Works (H. T. Sage) (Basket Makers), 33 Leigh Hill, Leigh. Leigh Luggage Ltd (Travel Goods Mfrs), 12 Towerfield Clo Towerfield Rd Shoebury. Lesney Products (Matchbox Toy Mfrs)(J. O’Dell), Swains Industrial Estate Ashingdon. Levitt Precision Components Ltd (Tool Makers), 18-19 Rutherford Clo. Lewis Fashions (Southend) Ltd (Blouse & Childrens Wear Mfrs), 5 Market Pl. Lewis’s (Boot Makers), 118 Hamlet Crt Rd. Leyland Paints Ltd (Paint Mfrs), 98 Broadway Leigh. Limmer, Alan, Ltd (Cushion Mfrs), 24 Grainger Rd Ind Est. Lin Pac Mouldings Lincoln Batteries, Arterial Rd Leigh-on-Sea. Linley & Son Precision Engineers Temple Farm Ind Estate. Lowerys (Belt Makers), 52 Glendale Gdns Leigh. Luck G. W. (Lingerie Mfrs), 124-126 Elm Rd Leigh. M. Klous (Furrier), 274-276 London Rd. M. T. E. Control Gear Ltd, Progress Rd Eastwood. M.K. Electric Ltd, 15 & 30 Progress Road, Eastwood, Leigh-on-Sea & 34 Tower Field Rd. Macy’s (Curtain Mfrs), 130 Hamlet Crt Rd Westcliff. Magnet Joinery Ltd, (Joinery Mfrs), Stock Rd. Magnolia Mouldings Ltd (Picture Frame Mouldings Mfrs), Purdy’s Ind Est. Manfield & Sons Ltd (Boot Makers), 178 Hamlet Crt Rd. Map & Sons (School Uniform/Clothing Mfrs), 1043 London Rd Leigh. Marden, W. F. (Loose Cover Makers), 40 Hamlet Crt Rd. Marshalls (Toilet Brushes) Masie Modes (Blouse Mfrs), 100c Hamlet Crt Rd Westcliff. Mason Supplies (Southend) Ltd (Textile Mfrs), Unit 4 Priory Works Ind Est. Mathews Laurence (Picture Frame Makers), 358 Chartwell Sq Victoria Circus. Maxwell Manners & Pring Ltd (Boat Builders), 85 Park St. Michelsons Ltd (Clothing Mfr), Stock Rd. Mike’s Boatyard (Boat Builders), 8 High St Leigh. Milton Hall (Southend) Brick Co Ltd, 16 Warrior Sq, Brick Works Cherry Orchard Lane Rochford. Minesta Blouse Co (Blouse Mfrs), 57a Brightwell Ave Westcliff. Morris Chairs (Furniture Mfrs), 144 The Broadway Thorpe Bay. Morveen & Co (Childrens Wear Mfrs), Salisbury Ave Westcliff. Mountney Motor Products (Motor Accessories Mfrs), 8 Rose Way Purdy’s Ind Estate. Multigrip (Industrial Adhesives) Nash Jn (Basket Maker) 25 Manilla Rd. Nash, W.T. & Sons (Joinery Mfrs), Weir Pond Rd, Rochford. National Cash Register Company Ltd (Makers), Chichester Rd. National Cash Register Company Ltd (Makers), Warrior Sq. Neeta Ltd (Tubular Steel Furniture Mfrs), 70 Progress Rd & 5-8 Rutherford Clo Eastwood. New Town Textiles (Sportswear) Ltd (Sportswear Mfrs), 1347 London Rd. Nobles Ltd (Chemist Mfrs), 16-17 Eastern Esplanade. Nore Electric Co Ltd (Electric Lamp Mfrs), 461 Southchurch Rd. Norman Creagor Optical Co (Optician Mfrs), 68b Boscombe Rd. No-Sag Spring Co Ltd (Later Hoover) (Upholsterers’ Spring Makers), 55 Progress Road, Eastwood. Oscar, J. (Blouse Mftrs), 631 London Rd Westcliff. P. & M. Boxes Ltd (Cardboard Box & Container Mfrs),32 -34 Maple Ave Leigh. Paree Productions Ltd (Gown Mfrs), 1-15 Cricketfield Grove Leigh. Partridge & Oliver (Belt Maker), 317 London Rd Westcliff. Peters F. R. (Boat Builders), 65 Eastern Esplanade. Phase One Fabrics (Stretch Cover Mfrs & Curtain Centre), 818 London Rd Leigh. Phil-Plas Ltd (Polythene Bags Mfrs), 4 Towerfield Cl Towerfield Rd Shoebury. Pike G. H. & Co (Boat Builders), Grosvenor Mews Grosvenor Rd Westcliff. Pilkington, N. (Basket Maker), 170a Eastern Esplanade. Polami Boats Ltd (Boat Builders), Dane St Shoebury. Polyian Polythene Co Ltd (Polythene Bags Mfrs), 19-21 Granger Ind Estate Grainger Rd. Portadyne Radios Power Sylvia Models (Skirt Mfrs), 212/216 Westborough Rd & 410 Station Rd. Prickett, A. C. & Sons Ltd (Furniture Mfrs), 138 Broadway Leigh. Rainbow S. H. Ltd (inc Haselden Eng Prod Ltd)(Horticultural & Garden Products Mfrs), 27 Glendale Gdns. Rapmac Ltd (Electrical Appliance Mfrs), 11 Towerfield Rd Shoebury. Rega (HiFi), Park St then Temple Farm Ind Est Sutton Road. Remploy (Leather Goods Mfrs), Sutton Rd. Reynolds, Stanley Ltd (Cabinet Builders), 937 London Rd Leigh. Richard L. Grant & Carter Ltd (Scarer Mfrs Automatic Bird), 93 & 114 Glendale Gdns. Ridgewell A. E. (Cabinet Maker Upholsterer Loose Covers), 76 Queens Rd. Riseman, H. (Clothing Mfr), 630 London Rd Westcliff. Robinson J. & Sons (Cork Mfrs), 216 Shaftesbury Ave Thorpe Bay. Rochford Cases (Instrument Case Mfrs), Union Lane Rochford. Rossi (Southend-on-Sea)(Ice Cream Mfrs), 1 & 26 Marine Parade & 12-14 Western Esplanade. Russell Marine Ltd (Boat Builders), Calva Works, Prince Ave Westcliff. S. & S. Held Ltd (Sportswear Mfrs), 212-216 Westborough Rd Westcliff. S. A. Bastian & Son (Ships Fender Mkrs), 119 North Ave. Salvatore G. (Ice Cream Mfrs), 100 Westborough Rd Westcliff. Sawyer, P. W. (Cabinet Maker), 134 South Ave. Scaffolding (Great Britain) Ltd (Tubular Scaffolding Mfrs), 7 Tower Field Cl Tower Field Rd. Sea King (Boat Builders), 89 High St Leigh. Seacraft & Co Ltd (Boat Builders) 8 High St Leigh. Seaforth Plastics (Plastic Products Mfrs), 60 Oakhurst Rd. Sell G. R. (Boat Builder), 66 Eastern Esplanade. Senior Pads (Box Mfrs), 9a Royal Mews. Shakespeare, W. H. & Son Ltd (Artificial Eye Makers), 217-219 Elm Rd, Leigh. Shoebury Confectionery Shoebury. Simkin, J. H. Ltd (Skirt Maker), 302 Westborough Rd, Wescliff. Sirco Controls Ltd (Control Systems Mfrs), Swains Ind Est Ashingdon. Slix swimming costumes Bircham Road, Southend. Smerdons (Furnishers), 127-129 Hamlet Court Road, Westcliff. Snuggies Shoes Grainger Ind Estate Southend. Snowdrift Lubricants (Lubricating Oil Mfrs), 959 London Rd Leigh. Solo Sprayers Ltd (Spray Equipment Mfrs), 4 Brunel Rd Eastwood. Southend & Rochford Clothing Mfr Ltd, 38 Grainger Rd Ind Est. Southend Bedding Works Ltd (Bedding Mfrs), 433 London Rd & Office & Works 449 London Rd Westcliff 80 Broadway Leigh. Southend Engineering Co Ltd (Non-Ferrous Metal Castings Mfrs), 61 High St Leigh SS9 2EP. Southend Plastic Works Ltd (Plastic Products Mfrs), 449 London Rd Westcliff & Works 18 Grainger Rd Ind Estate. St Andrews Products Ltd (Cushion Mfrs), 20a Grainger Rd Ind Est. St Ann’s Engineers Ltd(Metal Window Makers), Sunray Works Stanfield Rd SS2 5DB. Stanley Bags Ltd (Handbag Mfrs), 2 Princes St. Starline Paints Ltd (Paint Mfrs), Grainger Rd. Starling F. (Blind Maker Inside & Out & Roller Shutters), 8 Milton St. Stollwood Ltd (Cabinet Maker), Stock Rd. Style Fitted Furniture Ltd (Furniture Mfrs), 945 Sutton Rd. Sunblind Centre (Blind Mfrs & Service), 1 Southbourne Grove Westcliff. Sutton, Ernest W., (Boat Builders), Long Reach Wakering Rd Gt Wakering. Swiss Savouries Ltd (Sauce & Pickle Makers), York Bungalow Little Wakering Hall Rd Great Wakering. T. Gawley & Co (Novelty Mfrs), Southchurch Tallent Roy Ltd (Tobacco Pipe Mfrs), 14 Tower Field Estate Shoebury. Tame, John William (Dairy Utensil Maker), 15 Queens Road. Terlessa Fashions Ltd (Clothing Mfr), 44 Glendale Gdns. Textile Manufacturers Essex, 290 & 300 London Rd Westcliff. The Home Supply Stores (Cabinet Makers), 231 & 284 Leigh Rd Leigh. The Medway Knitting Co Ltd (Knitwear Mfrs), Prince Ave Prittlewell. The Smith Shop Ltd (Metal Staircase & Wrought Iron Gate Mfrs), 102a 102e & 102f Southchurch Ave.. Thompson, H. W. (Cabinet Maker), 38 Prittlewell St. Thorogood’s (Loose Cover Makers), 309-311 London Rd Westcliff.. Tipper, G. & Co Ltd (Number Plate Mfrs), 204 Cromer Rd. Towerfield Plating Ltd (Electro Platers), 2 Towerfield Clo Towerfield Est Shoebury. Trend Swimwear Co (Swimwear Mfrs), 10 Bircham Rd. Trio Landcrafts Ltd (Portable Building Mfrs), 743-747 Southchurch Rd. Turnnidge, F. A Ltd (Sail Makers), Bell Wharf High St Leigh. Twin Hulls Ltd (Boat Builders), Salisbury Ave Westcliff & 2 Capadocia St Thorpe Bay. Universal Surgical (Surgical Instrument Makers), 160c Glendale Gdns Leigh. Valente F. (Ice Cream Mfrs), 175 Brightwell Ave Westcliff. Vallant Suede & Leather Ltd (Leather Clothing Mfrs), 272-274 Station Rd Westcliff. Visurgis (Great Britain) Ltd (Vee Belt Mfrs), 11 Towerfield Cl Towerfield Rd Shoebury. Vitretex (England) Ltd (Paint Mfrs), 22 Dryden Ave. W. & W. Picture Frames (Picture Frame Makers), 5 Carlton Dr. W. Barratt & Co Ltd (Boot & Shoe Mfrs), Hamlet Crt Road, Westcliff. W. J. Harris & Co Ltd (Baby Carriage Mfrs), 34 Alexandra St, Southend. W.H. Houldershaw Ltd (Printers), 49 London Rd, Southend. Walker, L. H. & Co (Boat Builders), 1-3 West St Leigh. Ward G. E. & Co (Blouse Mfrs), 969-973 London Rd Leigh. Warm-Glow Co Ltd (Electric Blanket Mfrs), 60 Progress Rd Eastwood. West, H. (Cabinet Maker), 112 London Rd. Westcliff Clothing Manufacturing Co Ltd, 212-216 Westborough Rd Westcliff. Westcliff Optical Services (Optician Mfrs), Rear of 1 Preston Rd Westcliff. Weston & Co (London) Ltd (Abrasive Compound Mfrs), Towerfield Rd Shoebury. Whalehide Co Ltd (Paper Tube Mfrs), 478 Rayleigh Rd Eastwood. White, R. & Sons (Mineral Water Mfrs), 327 Southchurch Rd. Willmer, H. & Sons Ltd (Briar Pipe Mfrs), 10 Rose Way Purdey’s Ind Est Sutton Rd. Wilson Instruments (Surgical Instrument Makers), Rear of 355 Westborough Rd Westcliff. Windward Sails (Sail Makers), 94-98 Grange Rd Leigh. Wodhams (Furriers Mfr and Repairs), 340 London Rd Westcliff 41-43 Broadway West Leigh. Worth & Co (Blind & Shutter Mftrs), Rear of 26 Christchurch Rd. Wren Packaging, Aviation Way. Wright S. H. & Co (Blouse Mfrs), 876 London Rd Leigh. Wylie & Son, R. G. (Power Transmission Systems) Vanguard Way, Shoeburyness.

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