The Swine roller coaster was envisioned as one part of a multi-million pound scheme to revitalise Southend Pier. The project was proposed by Epic World Leisure, the coaster had been designed not only as the world’s largest roller coaster but also the world’s first roller coaster to be entirely built over the sea. The highest point was to be 246ft tall with a top speed of 83 mph a total of nine inversions and a -3.8 negative G pull up. The lay out of the ride would have the train leave the pier head station straight in to a 90° turn this would lead on to a 150° turn before connecting on to the 246ft chain driven lift. The “big drop” would have a 62.5° angle with the pull out at the bottom being at 83 mph producing a 3.8 negative G effect. The climb out would enter the 188ft diameter loop, followed immediately by “The Crow” an inversion 160ft above the sea. This would be followed by “The Dragonfly” a 150ft high 140° turn, the train would then enter a spiralling right turn before dropping into a wingover, this is a 120° banking turn sweeping riders outwards before entering into the weightless zero G roll. The riders would then enter a super boomerang followed by a floating hump, the ninth and final inversion would follow before the train would make a final turn before hitting a floating hump and entering the station.

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The Swine was just one part of a larger scheme to bring the pier up to date. The other works included: Pier Pavilion The site of the bowling alley would gain a new pavilion, this would see the pier museum relocated into the new pavilion. The railway station would also have been relocated to within the side of the pavilion, also included in the pavilion would be restaurant, piano bar, ice cream parlour, roof top theatre, boutique retail outlets and the pier ticket office. The Trains and Track The rolling stock would be completely replaced and the number of trains would be doubled from two to four, this would see the track being completely re-laid to form double working lines the length of the pier, a number of crossing points would be put in to enable continued operation during track maintenance. The speed of the trains would be increased and the scheduling would be changed so that a train would be at both stations ready to depart. South Station New platforms would be laid down, the station would also include a restaurant, café, amusement arcade, sun deck, refreshment stand, boutique retail stands and the main entrance to the Swine. The Promenade Deck New lighting and benches along with canopies and central screens to offer greater protection from the weather. Pier Head complex The new pier head complex would incorporate a café with roof top terrace, boutique shops, crèche, soft play area, 4D cinema, theatre, four storey climbing wall, restaurant, bar, grill and a area for local artists or charities to put on exhibitions.
Boat mooring facilities The boat mooring facilities would be enhanced to encourage more visiting ship and boat trips to and from the pier. The entire cost of the project was put at £40 million with £20 million of that being on the Swine alone, the project would have been themed as Jules Verne’s Atlantis. The proposals were originally lodged in 1999 and were backed by the then ruling Labour-Liberal Democrat party alliance but was not backed by the minority Conservative party. The project gained planning permission when it went to council, however, funding issues saw delays to the project. When the 2000 local elections took place the Conservatives gained power and withdrew support for the project citing the funding issues as a reason, however, the planning permission having already been granted stood. The project died away until it was resubmitted in 2005, to re-new the planning permission to keep it current the cost was now set at £45 million and included all the previous proposals. The renewal was refused, and the whole project once again faded away.
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