The Auction, Historic Aircraft Museum
The auction was held on Tuesday 10th May 1983 at 2:00pm. Admission was by catalogue only. To be included in the sale was the museums own aircraft and it’s collection of Aeronautica, Pictures, the Aeronautical Library, Private collections and a number of other aircraft that were not part of the museum. Few of the museums aircraft were expected to reach there reserves because they had been stored outside in the open for more than 10 years. The Auction Lot 1: A First World War German laminated wood propeller stamped 5060 Lohner D 26 £80-120 Lot 2: A Royal Canadian Air Force Pilot’s flying logbook in the name of P. F. Scrutton (Tiger Moths, Ansons, Harvard’s & Lancaster’s) £60-80 Lot 3: Log book of 907806 Cpl E. H. Archer (Battles, Henley’s, Lysanders, Wellingtons and the Miles Martinet including photo’s & a Commendation For service signed by Harold Macmillan £60-80 Lot 4: Observers log book in the name of 178080 F./O. Hobbs (Dominie, Proctor, Wellington, Anson, Whitley, Liberator, Stirling and Dakotas with photos £60-80 Lot 5: A First World War leather-flying helmet made by Andre & co £60-80 (Sold for £120) Lot 6: A First World War leather flying helmet + a Second World War German Canvas flying helmet £50-70 Lot 7: A Royal Flying Corps Side cap + bronze badge + 29 squadron woven wire blazer badge & car badge £50-60 (Sold for £45) Lot 8: A Royal Flying Corps with brass badge + R.F.C swagger cane £60-70 Lot 9: A R.F.C Collection including side cap, brass badge, photos and other things £50-70 Lot 10: A First World War leather flying coat and two flying suits £50-60 (Sold for £80) Lot 11: A First World War leather flying coat £60-80 (Sold for £170) Lot 12: A R.F.C Lieutenant’s tunic with collar badges, DSO Medal ribbon and rank badges (Epaulette rank + wings missing) £50-70 (Sold for £48) Lot 13: A R.F.C Lieutenant’s tunic made by Tautz & Co for Lt L. H. Fry complete with badges and wing £60-80 (Sold for £65) Lot 14: A very good R.F.C. Lieutenant Colonel's tunic complete with lapel badges, early patten wings, ribbond for Egypt 1882-89 and the Khedive's star £100-150 (Sold for £130) Lot 15: Three different WW2 pilot’s log book’s £50-60 (Sold for £55) Lot 16: Rare WW1 German porcelain side dish of a sea plane coming in to land including the Royal Cypher and an inscription + Rosenthal side plate £80-100 Lot 17: Unusual WW2 Czechoslovakian presentation case containing three porcelain medallions within metal surrounds for N.C.O pilot’s service with the Czech AF, R.A.F & Soviet AF £80-120 Lot 18: A similar lot but for an officer £80-120 Lot 19: WW2 iron plaque of the head of Hermann Goering £20-30 Lot 20: “5 Group News” dated November 1945 this was the last issue of the war time publication it is signed by Floyed Wilson £20-30 Lot 21: A Nazi Luftwaffe officer’s silver-plated toast rack the ends of which have the eagle and swastika on £30-40 (sold for £110) Lot 22: A Nazi officer’s milk jug and sugar basin with cover decorated with black and gold bands and the eagle and swastika £20-30 (Sold for £95) Lot 23: A two-blade laminated wood propeller the blades have the original AVRO transfers the boss is stamped Avro Y120. 120hp Beardmore Daimler Martinside Biplane £100-150 (Sold for £280) Lot 24: Two WW2 photo albums including photos of Handley Page A/C £20-30 Lot 25: Frog flying scale model of the Hawker Hart in its original box £40-50 (Sold for £50) Lot 26: A collection of Zeppelin & airship material including photos, medals and ephemera relating to RNAS Pulham, FWH Spratley and others £80-100 (Sold for £170) Lot 27: A Battle of Britain commemorative menu dated 14-9-43 signed by Hugh Dowding, “sailor” Malan, Lord Trenchard and others including on the reverse a signed photo of Guy Gibson VC £20-40 (Sold for £110) Lot 28: Collection of post cards including the Dunne biplane, early & WW1, Zeppelin cards with cancellations, a LZ129 Hindenburg publicity booklet and other rare cards £20-30 (Sold for £42) Lot 29: Wooden four-blade propeller boss stamped F.2.b Rolls-Royce Falcon 2 & 3 D 2850 DRP 3045 C 557 No.2, 9126 £20-40 (Sold for £60) Lot 30: Blackburn Beverley C.1 control column and a Vickers Varsity engine control panel £20-30 (Sold for £60) Lot 31: Flying at Hendon, A coloured lithograph poster from 1931 signed Cyrus Cuneo + a collection of early aviation magazines including the 1912 Paris Aero Show £30-50 (Sold for £100) Lot 32: Rare porcelain tile by Montereau B & C, Creil, displayed in mahogany frame £80-120 (Sold for £200) Lot 33: Collection of 12 model aircraft propellers some laminated, five metal aircraft circa 1910-1914 and a part of a German bomb held in side a glass case £40-60 (Sold for £80) Lot 34:Model of bombing seaplane + a second model in side a glass case with two small shells £40-60 (Sold for £48) Lot 35: French Bronze medallion + Aluminium beaker inscribed with 1922 Coupe Aero Nautique Gordon Bennett Race held in Geneva £40-60 (Sold for £35) Lot 36: Bronze plaque of parachutist inscribed “Spirit of Resistance” £30-60 (Sold for £85) Lot 37: Three medallion’s one inscribed Internationaler Rundflug Aero-Club Von Deutschland 1930 + a Santo’s Dumont + Iron one dating from 1937 £30-40 (Sold for £42) Lot 38: Rare Gilt-metal medallion commemorating the 2nd International Air Race and Aerobatics Championship 28-30th July 1939 + enamelled badge for the 1938 Berlin Air Show + booklet about Hermann Goring £30-40 (Sold for £70) Lot 39: Large medallion commemorating the 1928 International Berlin Air Show + 1936 Iron plaque + Santos Dumont medallion £30-40 (Sold for £75) Lot 40: Aluminum ash try commemorating the crossing of the Atlantic by the “Miss Columbia” in 1927 and 1930 + model propeller signed by Tommy Sopwith + Lorrine A.E. De Dietrich brass paper knife + Fokker G.1. “Flick book” £20-30 (Sold for £50) Lot 41: Three rare Nazi airshow badges + medallion commemorating the 2nd International Air Race and Aerobatics Championship + book about Adolf Hitler £30-40 (Sold for £65) Lot 42: Bronze medallion commemorating the 1st International Frankfurt Air Race + a second medallion and five airshow pins £20-30 (Sold for £42) Lot 43: Bronze ballooning medallion + five other aviation medallions £30-50 (Sold for £20) Lot 44: Two WW2 children’s games “Raiders & Fighters” and “Blackout” £20-30 (Sold for £38) Lot 45: WW1 laminated mahogany propeller blade with boss stamped 190hp Rolls Royce D 2950, P2850, and P3032 £20-30 (Sold for £100) Lot 46: French combined altimeter, turn & slip and climb & decent instrument + leather flying helmet + navigation computer £40-60 (Sold for £110) Lot 47: Two scrap-books of photos including AW52 “flying wing, Bristol freighter G-AIFO, Bristol Brabazon G-AGPW, Avro Ashton VX195, Hawker Seahawk prototype VP401, Farman “Goliath” F-GEAI and many more £30-40 (Sold for £35) Lot 48: Scrapbook containing press cuttings from the 1950’s £20-30 (Sold for £38) Lot 49: Comper Swift plans + rigging plans for Gloster biplanes £15-20 (Sold for £38) Lot 50: Two-bladed Avro Anson prop built by Dowty on 3.12.46 includes logbook £120-150 (Sold for £190) Lot 51: Avro Anson two-bladed propeller. £120-150 (Sold for £220) Lot 52: Two Sopwith Camel propeller blades + boss fitted with aneroid barometer £40-60 (Sold for £130) Lot 53: Rare WW1 silver German army pilot’s flying badge £120-150 (Sold for £110) Lot 54: MK 9 bubble sextant’s one a in fitted case + an Astro compass £30-40 (Sold for £75) Lot 55: FAA commanders uniform + medal ribbons + FAA wings £30-50 (Sold for £100) Lot 56: The great air race music sheet + five comic aviation postcards one with a built in squeak £20-30 (Sold for £20) Lot 57: Twelve photo postcards including the Breguet Warplane, Handley Page Biplane and the Blackburn Monoplane £40-60 (Sold for £45) Lot 58: Eleven Schneider Trophy commemorative postcards + Severn other cards featuring airships £40-60 (Sld for £90) Lot 59: Six art cards with 1930’s RAF pin-ups on each card also showing gilt RAF crest £20-30 (Sold for £20) Lot 60: Thirty-seven postcards 1909-1036 £60-80 (Sold for £110) Lot 61: Twelve photo postcards taken at Croydon in 1930 includes pictures of Handley Page Hercules, Atlanta, Argosy and others £30-40 (Sold for £40) Lot 62: Five rare Luftwaffe Propaganda postcards + 18 other aviation cards £30-40 (Sold for £35) Lot 63: Collection of Vickers aircraft photos featuring the Viking Amphibian, Vulcan, Vivid and Vanguard and others + Raid spotters note book + other aviation related items £30-50 Lot 64: 100 photos of crashed RNAS aircraft taken in England and France between 1915-1919 £40-60 Lot 65: American “Sky Pilot” electric clock + a second smaller one £20-30 (Sold for £110) Lot 66: Three 1914/15 star, B.W.M and Victory awarded to 402199 A. M. D Scott, R.F.C and R.E., with associated miniatures £30-50 (Sold for £42) Lot 67: Two blade laminated mahogany propeller boss stamped No. 91656, N.25, 226 RH Tractor 400 hp. + Single mahogany blade cut from four bladed prop stamped No.AD 621 LH 100hp Grebe D 2670, P1520 1833 £100-120 (Sold for £240) Lot 68: Scratch built model of a twin-engine bomber monoplane, constructed of wood and covered with thin aluminium sheeting applied with miniature rivets, with working control surfaces, dummy guns, cameras, retracting undercarriage and the engine powered by mini electric motors, displayed within it’s own glass cabinet, the model has a wing span of 73.3cm/29in and a length of 47cm/18.5in. (The model was based on ideas put forward by the late C. G. Grey, editor of The Aeroplane, and Jane’s for a standard day bomber c1936 the model took four years to construct) £150-200 (Sold for £300) Lot 68a: Vickers Viscount propeller £40-60 Lot 68b: Airline model of Lockheed Tristar mounted on stand £- Lot 69: 1911 British Aerial Post, scarlet envelope flown 9th September, London-Windsor signed by the designer Warwick of London £25-30 (Sold for £40) Lot 70: 1931 Qantas/Imperial airways Australia-England, experimental Rangoon-Athens (only 25 flown) and Rangoon-England flow envelopes £60-80 (Sold for £38) Lot 71: 1931 London-India Imperial Airways service experimentally extended to Australia envelopes flight crashed at Kupang and rescued by Kingsford Smith who carried them on £40-50 (Sold for £40) Lot 72: 1932-75 flown envelopes 21 in total including the 1937 Anglo-American Goodwill Coronation Flight £40-60 (Sold for £32) Lot 73: Fourteen Australia-England covers (flown on different Australian stages) £60-80 (Sold for £32) Lot 74: 1934 Australia-England Imperial Airways flown envelopes including Singapore, India, Uganda, and South Africa £60-80 (Sold for £40) Lot 75: Thirteen 1934 British Highland Airways first Flight envelopes with vignettes one of which is signed by the pilot £40-50 (Sold for £30) Lot 76: March 1951 Belfast-Manchester flown envelopes Fifteen in total bearing first issue airway letter stamps with special violet cancels £30-40 (Sold for £28) Lot 77: Six 1951 airway letter envelopes flown Edinburgh-Isle of Man + Five Isle of Man-Liverpool + Five Manchester-Isle of man all have provisional set of stamps £100-150 (Sold for £65) Lot 78: Six 1951 Airway letter envelopes flown Cornwall-Scillies + Six Scillies-Cornwall + Six Airletters flown Belfast-London + Six Edinburgh-New York all with various provisional stamps £30-50 (Sold for £30) Lot 79: Six airway letter envelopes flown Glasgow-London + Four Stornoway-Glasgow + Four Belfast-Liverpool all have provisional stamp sets £40-60 (Sold for £28) Lot 80: Thirty-five Airway letter envelopes 1953/57 with various latter issue Airway stamps £40-50 (Sold for £35) Lot 81: 1954 Elba Comet crash envelope from Malaya with red cachet £20-30 (Sold for £20) Lot 82: Five Piper Comanche “Myth Too” G-ATOY 1971-72 Sheila Scot, Souvenir envelopes with stamps of various country’s, cancellations and cachets £50-80 (Sold for £120) Lot 83: 1951 Seven Belfast-Manchester and Manchester-Belfast flown covers all with first series Airway letter stamps with special violet cancellations £80-100 (Sold for £50) Lot 84: Lockheed log Vol.3 No’s.2-4 (1945) + L’Aeronavale –A review of French naval aviation c1947 + Espaces No’s 12-13 c1947 + L’Aeronautique No250 March 1940 £20-30 (Sold for £16) Lot 85: The Grasshopper Helicopter: The design folder of this rare aircraft type built by Servotec Ltd it contains plans, photos and text with correspondence + aircraft drafting room manual c1939 £30-40 (Sold for £38) Lot 86: Valetta Mk’s 1-4 pilots notes A.P. 4262 + Pembroke C1 pilots notes A.P. 4384A + The Air Pilot 3rd edition £30-40 (Sold for £65) Lot 87: The Handley Page Bulletin 44 copies 1950/56 £20-30 (Sold for £22) Lot 88: The Handley Page Bulletin 40 copies £20-30 (Sold for £28) Lot 89: Complete run of 39 issues of Aero Engineering covering aircraft from 1937/39 issues edited by Squadron Leader H. Nelson M.B.E £20-40 (Sold for £95) Lot 90: Collection of aircraft publicity material including Fokker F27 Friendship, S.11 Instructor, S.13 Universal Trainer, S.14 Mach- Trainer + rare K.L.M DC3 fold out sheet and two others £20-30 (Sold for £28) Lot 91: A Comper general arrangement drawing for the “streak” Type C/15 + Avro factory brochure + a quantity of other aviation brochures including the Avro-Canada Jet-liner & the C.F. 100 publicity bulletins £20-30 (Sold for £25) Lot 92: Dolfus (C) and Bouche (H): Histoire de l’Aeronautique plates £100-120 (Sold for £140) Lot 93: Boffito (G) Biblioteca Italiana illus section removed from tile, hf mor rubbings £40-60 Lot 94: Glaisher (J): Flammarion (C) and others + Voyages Aeriens, illus ¼, 8vo Paris 1833 rubbings £40-60 Lot 95: Goldschmidt (R): Les Aeromodiles plates, lose pages, original wrappers, Paris & Brussels 1911 + Geisenheyner (M) Mit “Graf Zeppelin” un die Welt plates & wrappers Frankfurt 1929 + Leloup (J) Avenir de L’ Aerostation Dirigeable en Russie plates, wrappers Paris 1911 £30-40 Lot 96: Dewoitine. Notice Technique de l’avion de chases Dewoitine Type D27 folding diagrams, cloth 8vo + Faure (P) Vers un Nouveau Charleroi wraps Paris 1931 + Seabrook (W B) Aventure aerienne plates, wraps Paris 1907 £40-60 Lot 97: Duchene (Commandant) Flight without Formulae, trans J. H. Ledeboer diagrams, cloth 8vo 1916 + Chatley (H) The force of the wind pocket-book of aeronautics £15-20 Lot 98: Lachambre (H) and Machuron (A) Andree’s Balloon Expedition in search of the North Pole plates Origanal cloth’s 1898 £30-40 Lot 99: Flammarion (C) Viajes en Globo wrappers Barcelona, Marion (F) Globbos y Viajes Aero illus cloth Barcelona 1885 + Zeppelin plates from 1930 + Spanish plates £20-25 Lot 100: Guyer (G.A) im Ballon uder die Jungfru navh Italien Together with Falke (K) Himmelfahrt plates and original cloth Berlin 1908 £30-40 Lot 101: Caslant Passe et Avenir de la Navigation Aerienne diagrams Paris 1911 + Yon (G) & Surcerf (E) Aerostats et Aerostation Militaire plates, original wrap bound on Paris £30-50 Lot 102: Bochhammer (B) ZR das Deutsch-Amerikan-ische Berkehrsluftschiff plates & original cloth Freiburg 1931 + Graf Zeppelin plates + others £40-80 Lot 103: Various plates and wraps including Glaisher (J), Flammarion (C) + historic airship plates + The Prehistory of Aviation Wrappers 1928 £30-50 Lot 104: Berget (A) La Route de l’Air plates Paris 1911 £40-50 Lot 105: Berget (A) The Conquest of the Air plates and diagrams 1909 + Ferris (R) How it Flies plates and pictorial cloth 1910 + Petit (R) How to Build an Aeroplane (translated Hubbard & Ledeboer) 1910 £20-25 Lot 106: Baristow (L) Applied Aerodynamics diagrams 1920 + Page (Maj .V.W) Modern Aircraft Plates 1928 £15-20 Lot 107: Tissandier (G) Histoire des mes Ascensions recit de quarante-cinq voyages aeriend (1868-1888) plates and original cloth’s £50-70 Lot 108: Ambrosini (R) L’Aeronautica a Bologna plates unopened wraps Bologna 1912 + Valli (F) & Foschinia (A) Il Volo in Italia plates, wraps (torn) £30-40 Lot 109: Post (W) & Gatty (H) Around the World in Eight Days, inscribed by the authors 1931 + Wells (L) Around the World in Twenty Days 1926 £30-50 Lot 110: Loening (G.C.) Military Aeroplanes, plates + 1918 Monoplanes & Biplanes + collection of other related material £70-90 Lot 111: Santos-Dumont (A) Im Reich der Luft, port plates, pictorial and other bits and pieces £50-60 Lot 112: Gramont (Armand de) Essais D’ Aerodynamque plates Paris 1914 + Montgolfier Limited Edition Wraps from 1943 £50-60 Lot 113: Koehl (Capt H) & Fitzmaurice (J.C.) & Von Huenefeld (Baron G) The Three Musketeers of the Air signed by the authors 1928 £60-70 Lot 114: B Casernna (Pietro) Sul Modo di Diriere I Palloni Aerostatici 1872 £30-40 Lot 115: Marsh (W.L) Aeronautical Prints and Drawings 1924 (Limited Edition) £50-70 Lot 116: Guasti (T.C) and Bartarelli (A) Aeronautica Ilaliana nell’Immagine 1487-1875 (Limited Edition) £120-150 Lot 117: Broket (Paul) Bibliography of Aeronautics 1910 £25-40 Lot 118: Lanchester (F.W.) Aerodynamics-Aerodonetics (2 vols) 1907-1910 + four others £80-100 Lot 119: Wellman (W) The Awrial Age 1911 + Thomas (L) The First World Flight 1925 + Beauregard N;H Illustrations of Colonel Lindbergh’s Decorations 1928 £70-90 Lot 120: Lecornu (J) La Navigayion Aerinne plates 1900 £50-70 Lot 121: Grand-Carteret (J) and Deleil (Leo) La Conquete de L’ Air vue par L’ image 1910 £25-40 (Sold for £400) Lot 123: Nansouty (Max de) Aerostation Aviation plates 1911 £30-40 Lot 124: Mizzi (Muzio) descrizione della Aeronave 1911 £30-40 Lot 125: Saint-Fegor (L) Le Royaume de l’ Air 1910 £60-80 Lot 126: Rocamora (Manuel) Historia de la Navegacion Aerea en Barcelona 1948 (Limited Edition) £40-60 Lot 127: Tilgenkamp (Dr Erich) Schweiaer Luftahrt (3 Vol’s) 1941-43 £80-120 Lot 128: Hofmann (Josef) Der Maschinenflug 1911 + Das Gordon Bennett 1909 £40-60 Lot 129: Vorreiter (A) Jahrbuch der Luftarht 2 1912 + various other items £40-60 Lot 130: A.D.C Aircraft Ltd notes on the care and maintenance of the Cirrus 2 engine + illustrated instruction book + similar items for the Cirrus 3 £40-60 Lot 131: De Havilland Aircraft Ltd set of plans and manuals for the DH 89A Dragon-Six + Instruction manuals for the DH 90 Dragonfly, DH 85 Leopard Moth, DH 87A Hornet Moth, DH 94 Moth Minor, DH 82 Tiger Moth and the DH 86a & DH86B Express Air Liners £100-150 Lot 132: Collection of Pobjoy Airmotor Aircraft engine manuals including Pobjoy “R” aero engine and “Cataract”, “Niagara”, or various marks £60-80 Lot 133: Two Rolls-Royce Merlin manuals £20-30 Lot 134: Collection of manuals for Aircoupe, Fornaire F-1a, Oxford and various engines £60-80 Lot 135: Armstrong Siddeley “Genet” instruction book + Guide to the Lynx IV engine £40-60 Lot 136: Rare copy of the 1st edition of the A.P.1404 Vol. 1 (1932) detailing the construction & maintenance of the Hawker Hart £60-80 Lot 137: Collection of Six De Havilland care & maintenance manuals for the Gipsy Minor, Gipsy 2, Gipsy Major, Gipsy Six, Gipsy Queen 2, Gipsy Six series 2 + two others for flight systems £100-150 Lot 138: Avro instruction books for the Type 626 training aircraft, cadet, tutor and an operations handbook for the Lancastrian + three other manuals for different airframes £60-80 Lot 139: Collection of books for the Cirrus Major engines ranging from 1936/46 £30-50 Lot 140: Collection of notes and blueprints for the Spartan Arrow, Simmonds, Hermes + Pobjoy hub assembly + Comper Swift + Miles Messenger £30-50 Lot 141: Cooper (J.H) & Thetford (O.G) Aircraft of the Fighting Powers 1-7 & collection of maps £80-120 Lot 142: Wade (W.L) The Aeroplane in the Great War + Bott (Capt A) Cavalry of the Sky 1918 edtn + 4 vol’s of The Great War in the Air £40-60 Lot 143: The Epic of Flight 5 volume’s 1981 £30-40 Lot 144: Rare pamphlet advertising the 80hp high speed monoplane by Piggott Brothers & Co + brochure for the Bristol monoplane + rare brochure for the for the flying machine invented by F Ludwig Barlett that was built by Polysulphin Co Ltd in 1911 £40-60 Lot 145: Instruction manual for the DH 84 Dragon, four engined Express Airliner and the DH controllable pitch airscrew £30-50 Lot 146: Care and Maintenance manuals for the 85/100hp DH Gipsy aero-engine, Gipsy Queen 3 200hp and various others £50-70 Lot 147: Handbook of modern Aeronautics by Arthur W Judge + seven DH booklets £20-30 Lot 148: A.P 1107 (1931) Rigging for Aircraft + A.P 1275 (1930) General Instrument Equipment for Aircraft + A.P 1208 Airworthiness Handbook for Civil Aircraft (1929) + one other £30-40 Lot 149: DH hydromatic propeller service manual + four other manuals £30-50 Lot 150: Rare collection of Airspeed literature £30-40 Lot 151: Auster Aiglet Trainer broadsheet and two copy’s of Auster news £15-20 Lot 152: Rare B. A. Swallow broadsheet and gilt-metal Swallow badge £15-20 Lot 153: The Aeroplane 1932-1950/1953-55 various bindings (leather, cloth and gilt) some have indexes all advertisements, complete with covers 65 in total ½ year & ¼ year bindings £700-900 (Sold for £520) Lot 154: The Aeroplane 1951-1952/1958-1962 unbound loose copies (missing 17 issues) £50-100 Lot 155: Flight International: 31.10.68-current issue (missing 12.3.70) all unbound loose copies £50-100 Lot 156: Aviation Week 1966-1978, 1967-70, 74-76 complete, other years some copies missing £50-100 Lot 157: Flying Review International: 1965-1970 (8 copies missing) + quantity of other aviation magazines Inc Esso Air World and Air BP £50-100 Lot 158: National Air Race 1949, 1951 and five other years + 1939 Speed Kings Brochure + quantity of Civil and R.A.F printed papers £20-30 Lot 159: The Kings Cup Air Race collection of five rare programmes 1933-1935 and 1937 and 1938 £100-120 (Sold for £200) Lot 160: SBAC Flying Display and Exhibition 1937 programme & pin badge + R.A.F Hendon display programmes 1934 and 1937 + ten other airshow programmes + The History of the Guild of Air Pilots and Navigators £30-50 Lot 161: Evidence in Camera 18 copies 1944-1945 + USSAF Air Intelligence Summary 11 copies 1944 £30-40 Lot 162: Rare SEAFURY FB11 & TMK20 sales brochures £40-60 Lot 163: Collection of AVRO literature on the 772, 778 & P1127 + Blackburn P60 aerial crane proposal + quantity other aviation literature £20-30 Lot 164: Six De Havilland year books + literature on the Comet, DH125, Buffalo and other aircraft & systems £40-60 Lot 165: Folland Aircraft Ltd, Naval Gnat for the Indian Navy proposal & Gnat publicity brochure £20-30 Lot 166: Collection of four manufactures brochures for the AW670 Argosy Series 220 freighter £20-40 Lot 167: A Day on the Airway Croydon 1926 travel album issued by Savony Cigarettes & copy of Inauguration of the Empire Air Mail programme & a Imperial Airways magazine £30-40 Lot 168: Collection of literature mainly covering America, India, Japan and Asia including a rare Vietnam Air Force publicity brochure from 1958 £30-40 Lot 169: Bradshaw’s International Air Guide (First Edition) With Imperial Airways route map £30-40 Lot 170: The National Aviation Journal edited by Capt W. E. Johns vols 1-7 + collection of aviation magazines, prints and a Imperial Airways time table for 1937 £40-60 Lot 171: Heiss (F) Das Zeppelin Buch, plates, orig cloth Berlin 1936 £40-60 Lot 172: Jane’s All the World’s Aircraft 1966/67 + Jane’s Surface Skimmer Systems 1968/69 £20-40 Lot 173: Scarce First World War period Royal Flying Corps Technical Notes 1916 (giving details of eleven engines including Gnome, Monosoupape, Cleget and thirteen aircraft including Farman Longhorn, BE2c & the Vickers Scout £30-50 (Sold for £70) Lot 174: Brodyansky (Bor) Fight for Leningrad Pilots (titles in English & Russian) + various other Russian aviator items £80-120 Lot 175: Complete set of service and instruction manuals for the Consolidated B.24D Liberator comprising of six cloth bound volumes with illustrations, text, working diagrams and examination notes all contained in a leather carry case £80-120 Lot 176: Bomb Alley, Kent 1940 (water colour) + three others depicting Flying Bombs + selection of material from 91 squadron of the R.A.F £30-40 (Sold for £120) Lot 177: “Best of Luck Arry” a First World War sketch featuring “Old Bill” with a Zeppelin over head (dated 1918) + picture of U.47 leaving Scapa Flow £20-30 (Sold for £120) Lot 178: Lancaster “Nulli Secundus” over East Anglia (signed water colour) £20-30 Lot 179: Wellingtons attacking a Munitions factory water colour + Blackburn Skua diving from clouds over shipping (both signed and dated 1941) £20-30 Lot 180: A colour print of Spitfire DW-K over the Thames Estuary (framed) + a sepia photograph of an R.F.C Airman £20-30 Lot 181: An SE5a down behind German lines 1918 (oil on canvas framed and signed) £60-80 Lot 182: A pair of prints depicting Fokker Triplane’s, Albatross and SE5a aircraft in combat over the Western Front (dated 1917 framed) £40-60 (Sold for £160) Lot 183: Similar pair but featuring Nieuport and Albatross (framed) £40-60 Lot 184: Two pen & chalk cartoons depicting Second World War R.A.F characters £40-60 (Sold for £120) Lot 185: The Battle of Britain-The Action of 10th August 1940 featuring the Hurricane’s of 85 squadron in combat with Messerschmitt’s over the South Downs (signed framed) £30-50 Lot 186: Photograph of Canberra PR Mk7 (Framed) £10-15 Lot 187: A ballooning scene painted on fine paper and applied on glass £40-60 Lot 188: “Cairo Air Incident” a Vickers Valentia down in the jungle (illustrated in Chums 21-9-20 signed framed) £100-150 Lot 189: Five Hurricanes of No. 32Sqn R.A.F Biggin Hill £60-80 (Sold for £150) Lot 190: Supermarine Spitfire G-WP diving out of cloud £60-80 Lot 191: A B.F. 109 flow by Oberlutenant Hans J. Marsellie during the Desert Campaign 1942 seen attacking the tanks of the 8th Army £60-80 Lot 192: Lancaster of No.54 sqn flying out of East Kirby (Lincs) with a Spitfire escort £60-80 Lot 193: Lancaster of No.54 sqn flying within cloud at night £60-80 Lot 194: Spitfires Y-TV & Y-TW flying within clouds over a landscape £60-80 Lot 195: Trio of D.H Mosquito’s flying across the Channel with the White Cliff’s of Dover in the background £60-80 Lot 196: Junkers Ju87b flown by Major Ulrich Rudel seen attacking Russian ships at Kronstsdt other Ju87’s visible in the background £60-80 Lot 197: Lancaster of 61sqn flying in evening light though cloud layers £60-80 Lot 198: Spitfire of 65 (East India) squadron flying from R.A.F Tangmere 1941 £60-80 Lot 199: Spitfire P.8088 coded NK-K flying over an English landscape £60-80 Lot 200: D. H Mosquito of 139 (Jamaica) sqn flying within cloud over landscape £60-80 Lot 201: Gloster Gladiator Mk1 of No.87 sqn wearing the squadron’s pre-war markings climbing through cloud £60-80 (Sold for £60) Lot 202: Fokker Triplane Victorious over an R.F.C fighter that was trying to shoot down an observation balloon £60-80 Lot 203: Prototype of D. H Trident on it’s maiden flight (oil on canvas signed dated 1962) £100-150 (Sold for £130) Lot 204: “One of the Few” “Gloster Gladiator No.73 squadron + another painting (both water colours signed with monogram unframed) £30-50 Lot 205: De Havilland Ghost 50 Turbojet engine training kit, the various sectional components displayed on a folding & extending designed to fold into a transportable crate £200-300 Lot 206: Bristol Siddeley Proteus mounted on stand £50-100 Lot 207: Rare Napier coupled Niad gearbox section for instruction purposes on display stand £100-200 Lot 207a: 1917 Le Rhone 9 cylinder rotary 80h.p. aero-engine fully restored to show condition mounted on stand. £5500-6000 Lot 207b: 1918 Gnome 9 cylinder rotary 160h.p aero-engine show condition missing a few internal parts. £2500-3500 (Sold for £1800) Lot 207c: 1930 Carden Villers single cylinder 9h.p. aero-engine good condition fitted with wooden propeller . £200-300 (Sold for £200) Lot 207d: 60c.c Douglas horizontal opposed twin cylinder aero-engine with propeller. £700-900 Lot 208: Tipsy Belfair Monoplane G-APOD “The Gremlin” (awaiting new C of A) £4000-5000 (Not sold high bid £3200) Lot 208a: Bucker Bu131 B Jungman G-OBLE re0bult in Spain in 1979 painted in an attractive orange-white scheme, 150h.p. Tigre engine metal propeller electric start, engine has run 50 hrs since last major 360 channel radio Permit to Fly. £12000-14000 Lot 209: Westlands S-51 Series 2 Widgeon G-ANLW (in good all round condition and after a major check should get it’s C of A includes all log books and full documentation) £10000-12000 (Not sold high bid £8000) Lot 210: Monocoupe 90A-A782 G-AFEL (Airworthy with current C of A, log books and rigging plans) £12000-15000 (Not sold high bid 9000) Lot 210a: Luton LA4a “Minor” G-AXKH completed 1974, PFA Best Home Build award 1974, Concours d’Elegance award 1976 + many other awards, 1600h.p VW engine giving max 70kts stall 30kts, fuel 3 gal HP, Total engine & airframe hours 190. New Permit to Fly valid for 12 months. £5000-6000 High Bid £5200 Lot 211: Stinson Model HW 75/105 Voyager G-BCUM “Cloud Hound” (Airworthy with currant C of A completely re built in 1975/76 being recovered, metal parts shot-blasted and re-painted and the engine was also striped and re-built) £6000-7500 (Not sold high bid £5800) Lot 212: Bucker Bu 131B “Jungmann” G-BHGZ (Airworthy with currant C of A, completely re-built in 1980) £25000-30000 (Not sold high bid 20,000) Lot 213: Lockheed Electra 12A F-BFUD (Airworthy with French C of A complete set of log books for engines and airframe included) £20000-30000 (Withdrawn) Lot 214: 10.5 ft live steam Britannia 4-6-4 Locomotive “Morning Star” No.70021 finished in black lined green livery having Walchaert valve gear, force fed oil lubrication to the twin outside cylinders, steam brakes, blower and safety valves, pressure and water gauges together with two open, one closed and one flat carriage and approximately ½ mile of track and other accessories latest boiler check dated 10.5.79 for a hydraulic test of 240 p.s.i (work pressure 120 p.s.i) £3000-5000 (Sold for £5850) Lot 215: Armstrong Siddeley Double Mamba ASMD 3 double turboprop engine built by Bristol Siddeley and given the designation 107 serial No/ DP2556/N655591, fitted with contra-rotating four bladed Rotal propellers, mounted on a works transit stand bearing the plate for R.N.A.W Llangennech £500-700 (£820 Air Classik) Lot 216: Armstrong Siddeley Cheetah XVII seven cylinder radial aero-engine mounted on a set of engine bearers incorporating a trolley £100-150 (£500 Air Classik) Lot 217: Rolls Royce Dart 506 single shaft turboprop engine, serial No.1166 with test date label for 26-10-66, complete with engine bearers and mounted on a transportation trolley with additional display impeller £200-300 (£520 Royal Scottish Museum) Lot 218: Westland Dragonfly Helicopter rotor head mechanism mounted on the original sub-frame with wheeled trolley £50-100 Lot 219: Vickers Viscount nose wheel and Oleo assembly £40-60 Lot 220: Three D.C.3 propeller blades and hub, the blades possibly recoverable also a few parts from the hub £40-60 Lot 221: Oscillator for radio equipment testing £30-50 Lot 222: Collection of D.H Vampire spares including Two main wheel undercarriage doors, flaps, boom ends and other items £30-40 Lot 223: Metal model of Channel Airways Trident 140 mounted on display stand £100-200 Lot 224: Mechanical robot built in 1950 originally deigned and constructed for film use £10-20 Lot 225: Vickers Viscount crew training nose section the cockpit has 80% complete instrumentation the outer skin is painted in the livery of British Midland Airways £80-120 (£440 Air Classik) Lot 226: Vickers Viscount four bladed propeller complete with feathering gear £80-120 Lot 227: Quantity of Miles Gemini aircraft parts including tail plane and wing sections £20-40 Lot 228: Rolls Royce Merlin aero-engine stamped M24/A KM571 (23533), sectioned for instructional purposes and mounted on an engine stand £1000-1200 (Sold for £2000) Lot 299: Light Twin Aircraft flying over a mountainous landscape (signed & dated 1973) £40-60 (Sold for £28) Lot 230: De Havilland Gipsy Major 215 aero-engine mounted on transit trolley specially constructed by the Hutchinson Engineering Co Ltd £200-300 Lot 231: Collection of various instruments and miscellaneous aircraft parts £40-60 Lot 232: Rolls Royce Dart service bulletins 5 vol’s + 3 vol’s of Dart operator’s manual £20-30 Lot 233: Approximately 60 volumes of various Trident manuals and service bulletins £20-30 Lot 234: Avro Anson Mk19 Series 2 G-AGPG (very poor condition although the basic structure is sound the aircraft has been vandalised and is sold as seen, the airframe could be use for spares a comprehensive set of aircraft documents, correspondence and log books are included) £- (£2800 Phillipe Denis) Lot 235: North American Harvard IIB TA392/LN-BNM (generally sound although there is some external corrosion visible in the wheel well area and there is minor damage to the rudder and tail plane otherwise the aircraft is in a presentable condition) £5000-7000 (£6000 Paul Raymond) Lot 236: Hunting Percival Provost T.1 WV483 (generally sound but the cockpit has been stripped of most instrumentation) £3000-5000 (£3000 Doug Arnold) Lot 237: Fiat G-46-4b Trainer NC71 MM53211 (Generally sound but in open storage some corrosion to the basic fabric but it is easily repairable due to the nature of construction) £2000-3000 (£3400 Visionar) Lot 238: Percival Proctor IV NP303/G-ANZJ (The wooden fabric covered structure appears sound the cockpit has some instrumentation and the Perspex canopy is complete however the airframe along with the engine will need a complete re-build) £2000-3000 (£2200 Paul Raymond) Lot 239: Avro 694 Lincoln B2 RF342/G-APRJ (Relatively sound corrosion is evident on the flaps, wings, main spar and undercarriage the interior of the aircraft apart from the cockpit is virtually undamaged one of the four Merlin 68’s are seized the others have about 24 hours left) £6000-8000 (£8500 Doug Arnold) Lot 240: North American B25J Mitchell NA82 Mk3 HD238 (Externally Presentable the interior has been vandalised and the main spar cut inboard of the engines) £800-1200 (£6200 Visionair) Lot 241: Blackburn Beverley C1 XB621 (Reasonable condition but with serious corrosion in both bogey beams the interior is virtually complete with little vandalism having taken place the flying controls and instruments being in situ only the blind flying panel is incomplete) £2000-3000 (£3200 Moat House) Lot 242: De Havilland D.H.A 3 Drover G-APPP (Although looking shabby the aircraft is re-storable no engines are fitted the flying control surfaces are not fitted either but are complete the interior has been stripped a copy manual and some aircraft diagrams are included) £1000-1500 (£1700 Doug Arnold) Lot 243: C.A.S.A 2-111 6J+PR/G-AWHB (Reasonable condition and could be restored to fly corrosion is evident in the wheel-well area, main spar and within the fuel tank some instrumentation is complete and the interior although shabby is sound the condition of the propellers and engines (Rolls Royce Merlin’s) is not known) £6000-8000 (£26000 Paul Raymond) Lot 244: Gloster Javelin FAW9 XH768 (Sound condition with very little corrosion evident un-vandalised the only damage appears to be a chip off the rear of the cockpit canopy the aircraft doesn’t have engines) £1000-2000 (£1000 Air Classik) Lot 245: Fieseler FI156 trop Storch D-EKMU (The aircraft is in fine condition but lacks a current C of A the propeller was last checked 16-9-65 a full range of flight instruments as originally supplied are installed) £12000-15000 (£24000 Paul Raymond) Lot 246: Hawker Sea Hawk FGA 6 XE469 (Reasonable condition a few signs of corrosion both externally & internally but a Nene engine is still fitted and there are only a few instruments missing) £3000-5000 (£6500 Mike Carlton) Lot 247: Hawker Sea Fury FB11 WJ288 (Appears sound but a complete and thorough check of the airframe should be carried out the engine has seized and the propeller suffers from root corrosion) £15000-20000 (£34000 Patrick Luscombe) Lot 248: Gloster Meteor T7 VZ638 (No engines are fitted but the aircraft appears sound little corrosion has been found on the aircraft and both the front and rear cockpits are in good condition) £1000-2000 (£2600 Mike Charlton) Lot 249: De Havilland D.H.84 Dragon 1 G-ACIT (Fine condition instrumentation complete with a standard panel additionally a VHF Bendix radio is installed and the oil pressure, fuel and r.p.m. gauges are fitted in the engine nacelles, an “Antifyre” pistol extinguisher is located on the cabin bulkhead. The passenger cabin has eight seats upholstered in red leather the aircraft comes with three outer main planes, a long range fuel tank, spare undercarriage leg and a set of spare wheel’s also included are a comprehensive set of documentation, working drawings and log books) £20000-30000 (£28000 Science Museum)

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