Prospects 1976
Shoebury Proposals WD Land to become a site for camping and caravan holidays. Leigh to Chalkwell proposals A scheme to build a direct road from Leigh-on-Sea to Chalkwell, that would of run alongside the railway lines on the same route as the Cinder Path.

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Leigh-on-Sea & Two Tree island Proposals The Old Town would be retained as a quiet waterfront area, the demolition of derelict and unsuitable builds would of been carried out, with the fishing industry either retained or re- located to Two Tree Island. Bell Wharf redeveloped with a hotel. A marina for up to 300 yachts on Two Tree Island would also be built. A deep water channel would be dredged linking to the Ray Channel, the marina would also include services, storage facilities, hotel, shops, café, yacht club and large car park. The fishing industry along with wharfage would be accommodated at the west of the deep water channel, the construction of dams across Leigh Creek and the partial removal of the redundant sea wall would of created a large shallow lake for small boat sailing and training, together with a number of small islands and beaches.
Southchurch Proposals Tall blocks of holiday/residential flats and lower terrace houses to be built. The gasworks site would become a park.
Chalkwell Proposals A large bastion built on the foreshore would of provided comprehensive swimming, boating, catering and play facilities, a 1500 space car park and a public park with extensive tree planting.
Wescliff Proposals A large bastion built directly opposite Shorefields Road to provide swimming, boating, catering 2500 car park spaces. Together the Chalkwell & Westcliff bastions would provide the ends of a half tidal lake 1 mile long and 1/8 mile wide, with a maximum depth of 6-8ft at the outward wall. The scheme would of created a “permanent” in tide, with the water being refreshed each high tide.
Southend Proposals Golden Mile was to be extended, to include the water front up to and including the Corporation Loading Pier, the Pier entrance and its approaches re-designed as a pedestrian area linked by terraces and the cliff lift to the central area precinct. Pier Hill itself would be closed to traffic creating a pedestrian piazza. The Golden Hind moved and moored further to the east with the Corporation Loading Pier, a redesigned as an extension to the Golden Mile this would be a defined boundary of the eastern end of the Golden Mile. A two level promenade was proposed along the front with bridges over the lower promenade and Southchurch Avenue leading to the remodelled Kursaal. The sea between Southend Pier and the Corporation Loading Pier would become a water sport recreational area. None of these schemes got further than drawings and models seen above.
Prospect 1976 proposals, this pie in the sky scheme would of seen reconstruction from Shoebury to Two Tree Island in Leigh-on-Sea.
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