Southend Timeline - Southend-on-Sea Westcliff-on-Sea Gallery 1 01:1824 Westcliff-on-Sea with Leigh Church in the background. 02:1824 Windmill that once stood near Milton Road Westcliff. 03:Late 1800s Earls Hall Westcliff-on-Sea. 04:Beach views Westcliff-on-Sea. 05:The Cliffs Westcliff-on-Sea. 06:The Cliffs Westcliff-on-Sea. 07:The Cliffs Westcliff-on-Sea. 08:Clifton Drive Westcliff-on-Sea. 09:Shepards Cottage ‘The Cot’ Westcliff-on-Sea. 10:The Hamlet Westcliff-on- Sea. 11:The Hamlet Westcliff-on-Sea. 12:Hamlet Mansions Westcliff-on-Sea. 13:Hamlet Court Road Westcliff-on-Sea. 14:Palmeira Avenue Westcliff-on-Sea. 15:St John’s College Westcliff-on-Sea.16:The Queens Hotel Westcliff-on-Sea. 17:The Westward Ho Hotel Westcliff-on-Sea. 18:London Road Westcliff- on-Sea. 19:Westward Ho Hotel Westcliff-on-Sea. 20:The Lawns Westcliff-on-Sea. Images Subject to Copyright
Southend Timeline - Southend-on-Sea Westcliff-on-Sea Gallery 2 01:1900s The Promenade Westcliff. 02:1909 Westcliff Parade. 03:The Bandstand Westcliff. 04:London Road/Hamlet Court Road Westcliff-on-Sea. 05:Hamlet Court Road Westcliff-on-Sea. 06:1909 Hamlet Court Road Westcliff-on-Sea. 07:1909 Chalkwell Esplanade and Gardens. 08:Ladies Day Out The Nelson North Road Westcliff. 09:Men Pictured Outside The Nelson North Road Westcliff. 10:1928 Western Esplanade Westcliff. 11:1928 The Leas Promenade and Beach Westcliff. 12:1928 Corporation Swimming Baths Westcliff. 13:1928 Public Bowling Green Chalkwell Esplanade. 14:1928 Public Putting Green Chalkwell Esplanade. 15:Stormy Weather Westcliff. 16:1950s Corporation Swimming Baths Westcliff. 17:1950s Western Esplanade Westcliff. 18:The Hard Westcliff-on-Sea. 19:1969 Palace Theatre Westcliff- on-Sea. 20:1971 Telephone Exchange Westcliff. 21:1971 Balmoral Flats Westcliff-on-Sea. 22:1971 Balmoral Flats Westcliff-on-Sea. 23:1971 Balmoral Flats Westcliff-on-Sea. Images Subject to Copyright
Southend Timeline - Southend-on-Sea Westcliff-on-Sea Gallery 3 01:1984 The Bandstand Westcliff. 02:1984 Eating out at the Arches Seafront Westcliff. 03:1984 Cliffs Pavilion Westcliff. 04:1984 Cliffs Pavilion Westcliff. 05:1984 Cliffs Pavilion Westcliff. 06:1985 Palace Theatre Westcliff. 07:2016 Hamlet Court Road Westcliff-on-Sea. 08:2016 Site of the old Queens Hotel Hamlet Court Road Westcliff-on-Sea. 09:2016 View from bridge Hamlet Court Road Westcliff-on-Sea. 10:2016 Casino Westcliff-on-Sea. 11:2016 Westcliff Hotel Westcliff-on-Sea. Images Subject to Copyright

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