Postcard Place
It is thought that the first postcard ever sent was posted on 14th July 1840 to Fulham in London. It was addressed to Theodore Hook, a writer and practical joker. The picture was hand painted on paper showing an image of a giant ink well with post office clerks sitting around with huge pens. Hook had posted the card to himself intending the card to be a practical joke, poking fun at the postal workers who would have processed it. In Britain, the Post Office issued postcards without images in 1870, included in the price of purchase was the stamp which was printed as a part of the design. The Royal Mail in 1894 gave permission to British publishers to manufacture and distribute picture postcards which could be sent through the postal system. Early postcards were pictures of landmarks, scenic views photographs or drawings of celebrities etc. The seaside became a popular tourist destination with steam trains providing fast and affordable travel, and this generated its own souvenir industry.
Many postcards of Southend and the surrounding areas have been produced over the years, here is a collection of 20

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