Tradair began operations in November 1957, the airline operated a fleet of Vickers Viking’s, its fleet consisted of G-APOO, G-APOP, G-APOR, Two aircraft (POP & POR) were ex-Kings Flight machines and were use for the Royal Flight to South Africa. G-APOO was given the name “Mercier” and remained with Tradair throughout the airlines short lived existence. The airline proposed a number of new flight routings in 1961, these included: Southend-Klagenfurt once daily from 1st May to 15th October but they were refused an operating licence because the route was still in the early stages of being operated by another British operator. Southend-Basle up to once daily from 1st October to 15th March again the airline was refused an operating licence, this time due to the financial resources the airline had under Section 2(2){a) of the Act. Southend-Genoa once a day service from 1st May until 15th October, this was refused as a lack of passengers using the route was insufficient to support more than one British operator. Southend-Venice up to once daily from 1st May to 15th March, refused as two British airlines were already operating the route. Southend-Naples once a day from 1st may to 31st October, refused as it was already being operated by a British airline. Southend-Barcelona, Southend-Palma, Southend-Tenerife once a day from 1st may to 15th October, refused as Cunard Eagle were already operating and had greater experience operating scheduled services to Italy. Southend-Malaga once a day from 1st May to 15th March, refused as two British Airlines were already operating the service. When Tradair collapsed on Monday 31st December 1962, Channel Airways stepped in to take over all of their operations they also took on the entire fleet of aircraft, at the time of Tradair’s demise a Vickers Viscount had been added to their fleet.

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